Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Home As Art : : Asher & Jessica : : Santa Monica

Asher and Jessica, co-owners of Weego Home, a home furnishings boutique on Main Street in Santa Monica, know how to live large in a small space.  

What do you love most about your home?  We love the cozy vibe that living in 1000 square feet provides.  Although we had initial reservations about coexisting in a small space, we now appreciate it's charm.  Most items in our home have a multi-functional purpose, which forces us to get creative with how we decorate.   Our space also challenges us to really consider which items are absolutely essential.

What drew you to your home?  We adore the Santa Monica Main street neighborhood, so we were set on finding a fixer in that area.  As soon as we saw this dingy, un-kept California bungalow, just 7 blocks from the beach....we knew this was it!  We looked past the flaws and saw the remarkable character that lay just beneath the surface.   Bringing this dwelling back to life was an incredible project that taught us important lessons about compromise and communication.

What is your favorite thing to do at home?  Entertain, decorate and garden.  Our living room is located at the core of our space, so we wanted to evoke a welcoming, relaxed and playful vibe.  When we are not entertaining indoors; one of the many benefits of living in Southern California, is the unique ability to enjoy outdoor living 90% of the time.  We take full advantage by having multiple living/dining areas in our small wrap around garden.  We also focus on planting drought tolerant succulents, which require little care and offer a unique and modern aesthetic.  The recent addition of tall hanging herb garden keeps the yard smelling delightful too.

When I’m home I feel...?  At ease.  We wanted to create an oasis, comprised of the things we love most.   From the art and photos to the furniture and fixtures- every piece represents an experience in our time line.  The items themselves are not all that valuable, but the memories that they represent help to fill our home with an eclectic warmth.

What makes your home "ART" ?  The main elements that make our home "art" is a compilation of style, decor, and the overall ambiance felt within our space.  As we evolve, our home also reflects that shift- making our space a continuous work-in-progress.  By definition, art is "the expression or application of human creative skill" and our home exudes our creative personality, both individually and as a couple.  Similar to an art exhibit, as guests step onto our property, they too get an in-depth experience of our creative psyche. 

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